Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium screw that integrates into the jawbone and is used in modern dentistry as the foundation to replace missing teeth.

One dental implant can support a single crown, and multiple implants can support a complete (All-On-X) or partial prosthesis.

Dental implant surgery and restoration

The implant surgery planning consists in obtaining a 3D scan of your jaw (CBCT) and discussing with your treating dentist the ideal position and restorative options for your implant(s).

The surgery itself takes about 60minutes and is performed in the dental chair. You are then allowed to go home and rest and allow the area to heal.

Generally 3 months later, successful implant(s) will be fully integrated to your jawbone and we will be able to manufacture and position into place the porcelain crown or denture.

Implants are delicate prostheses that require an additional level of care and maintenance, compared to your natural teeth.

It is recommended to have them checked with your dental team every 4-6 months to ensure they remain in optimal shape and last as long as possible.

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