Children's dentistry

At Dental Lodge, we know how important it is to promote good oral health habits from childhood and we strive to create the most fun and interactive experience for our little patients.

Early childhood

0-6 years old

We recommend you to book in your child's first visit before 2 years old. We will be playing around the dental chair and discovering the many fun things we can do at the dentist, using the tell-show-do technique.

When your child is familiar with us, we’ll be able to start counting their teeth and examining their bite and the health of their teeth, providing you with important information about their development and possible treatment requirements.

You’ll have the time to discuss with us the best way to look after you little one’s teeth and we might even be able to perform a professional clean for them.

School-aged children

6+ years old

Once your child has grown older, we will start introducing the routine check-up and cleans, and assess their milk teeth and adult teeth for cavities.

Low radiation digital x-rays (we use kids sized ones!) are an important tool to diagnose decay if teeth are tight against each other and, if a cavity is found, prompt treatment will be required to prevent the hole from becoming larger and cause pain.

If treatment is required, we will discuss with you further the procedure and how to make the whole experience a pleasant one.

Emergency dentistry

Don’t hesitate to contact us if your child has had a fall and their mouth has been knocked, it’s important to make sure no major damage has been done and to know what the right steps to follow are if any treatment is needed.

Call us for more information or book your child's dental appointment today.