Dental fillings

A dental filling is a tooth-coloured restoration placed to repair a tooth that has been damaged by trauma or decay. Tooth decay is caused by the acid produced by the bacteria that live in our mouth and feed on the sugars coming from our diet.

Once a cavity has formed, it can only progress and become larger, and eventually cause pain as it approaches the centre of the tooth, where the nerves live. For this reason, cavities need to be treated when they’re in their early stages and before they start to give us grief.

The filling process

The filling procedure is relatively simple, can take between 30 to 45 minutes and, depending on the size of the cavity, may or may not require some anaesthetic.

Firstly, an up-to-date x-ray is necessary to determine the size of the cavity.

The area of decay is then cleaned out and the cavity is filled with a tooth-coloured material. Once the material is set, the bite is checked and adjusted and the filling is polished.

In some cases when the damaged area is extensive, your dentist will recommend to have the tooth repaired with an indirect porcelain filling, or inlay/onlay.

These are laboratory-made fillings which offer durability and strength, as well as being a perfect match with your existing dentition in terms of colour and shape. Fillings require regular maintenance, just as our natural teeth do, and might wear or crack over time, so it is important to stay on top of your routine recall appointments with your dental team.

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