At Dental Lodge, we offer the whole range of dental appliances: mouthguards, night-time splints and sleep-apnoea devices.

The impression appointment normally takes about 15 to 30 minutes to perform a digital 3D scan of your upper and lower arch, together with a record of your bite.

Sports mouthguards

If you play a contact sport, you are at risk of injuring your teeth and mouth.

A sports mouthguard can protect you from some serious injuries, such as broken jaws, fractured, cracked or knocked-out teeth, cut lips and tongue. It works by absorbing and spreading the impact of a knock to the face, and should be worn during training and game days.

Custom-made mouthguards manufactured by your dentist are the most protective and comfortable and allow you to breathe and speak easily compared to the store-bought options.

Occlusal splints

Occlusal splints, also known as night guards, are dental appliances designed to protect the teeth and jaws from the harmful effects of clenching or grinding (bruxism) and to alleviate related symptoms, such as headaches, sleep disturbances and muscle tension.

They are typically made of hard/soft acrylic materials and are custom-fitted to a patient's mouth.

A splint needs to be worn while we are asleep, as that's when most bruxism occurs. However, in some cases, it may be recommended for daytime use, especially if the patient clenches during waking hours.

Snoring and sleep apnoea devices

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) occurs when your throat becomes partly or completely blocked by oral soft tissues at times while you're asleep, causing obstruction of your airways.

At Dental Lodge we can manufacture custom-made sleep apnoea devices, which keep the airway open by repositioning the jaw slightly forward during sleep, improving breathing and reducing snoring or sleep apnoea episodes.

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